How Opinion Ads are Taking Customer Experiences to the Next Level

Standing out in the digital space is not easy. Think about it: it’s overly crowded with marketers fighting for your audience’s attention, all trying to say a lot of the same things you are.

But what if your customers were the ones in control of your ads? Instead of telling them your message, you let them do the talking…

We’re doing exactly that — helping marketers ask important questions and listen to their customers effortlessly. Check out how we’re giving interactive banner ads a whole new purpose with Opinion Ads.

First Things, First… What are Interactive Banner Ads?

More and more marketers are discovering how great interactive banner ads are. They’ve allowed advertising to become an activity; something that people can physically engage with. By encouraging them to act — with a click or a scroll — instead of passively viewing or even ignoring a message altogether, they’ve skyrocketed the effectiveness of digital advertising. Here are a few quick highlights:

  • Increased brand awareness and recall.Time spent with these ads is boosted by 47%, making them 32% more memorable than standard ads (Magna).

  • Improved performance rates.Compared to static ads, they are shown to be more fun (+91%), engaging (+70%), and stimulating (+66%) with 90% completion rates and 3x CTR (Mobvista).

  • Additional data.They offer more in-depth, granular insights into how long people viewed your ads, what they clicked on, if they answered any questions, etc. to help future campaigns.

  • Bonus points from ad platforms. With platforms like Google and Facebook pushing for an improved customer experience, they reward these types of ads for doing exactly that.

But now, we’re taking this engagement a step further, and not only encouraging customers to interact with your brand but to share their own opinions too.

What’s Awesome about Opinion Banner Ads?

Remember when making painful cold calls or blasting out email surveys that most people deleted anyway were the only real ways to know what your customers were thinking? Thank goodness that’s not the case anymore. Opinion banner ads help shape the customer experience around them, all while giving you insight into the exact information you’re looking for.

“Marketers can take advantage of these opinion ads to ask really anything that they want to know about their audience,” Donny Aguilar, Banner Developer at Assemble explained. “For example, an ad agency can ask specifically which type of service the user is looking for or a footwear company could ask a user to identify their biggest pain point when buying running shoes. They can offer a couple of options to choose from directly within the ad that lead to more information or specific products that meet these needs.”

The result is not only a more personal experience but a much more purposeful one as well. In one aspect, the user gets answers tailored to their needs, driving them down the sales funnel. And in the other, the marketer gets a deeper understanding into what their customers are looking for down to each unique individual, allowing you to use this audience data to inform strategic decisions.

And what’s even better is that creating these ads is just like building a rich media ad, which is standard for a production team like Assemble. “The process is essentially the same as with an expandable or collapsible banner ad,” Donny added. “Just like we can track any time a user clicks on a button or plays a video there, we can gather reports on what path each user takes based on the opinion question asked. All of this data is extremely valuable for creating future campaigns and shaping sales approaches.”

Whether your goal is to learn more about your customers or simply give them an enhanced experience with your brand tailored to their wants and needs, opinion ads are a great way to do it. To learn more about incorporating this strategy into your next campaign, contact Assemble today.