We’re driven by the goal of being the best creative production agency in the world; one where its people are given the tools and opportunity to grow and develop and be the very best version of themselves.

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When Assemble Founder & CEO, Scott Peters, was introduced to our LATAM’s Managing Partner, Geudy Marin, he was on a mission to recruit the greatest development talent and create a nearshore production studio so niche and unique, it would shatter the production narrative. While they didn’t speak the same language, they found an unbreakable common ground in their values and vision. And they called it: Assemble.

TRANSFORMING LIVES, Enriching Communities

Our unwavering commitment to the nearshore model prioritizes the well-being and rights of our team members, going beyond ethical practices and recognizing the inherent value they bring to our organization. Fair compensation, comprehensive healthcare, and professional growth opportunities not only foster loyalty among our employees but also enrich the communities we touch.


We approach new locations with respect for local laws, culture, and socio-economic contexts, embracing the global diversity that enhances our business. Our expansion embodies responsible growth, underscoring our dedication to a positive and lasting impact on the world.

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We are creative thinkers, expert coders, designers, problem solvers, foodies — we each have different backgrounds and diverse perspectives from multiple cultures, and we choose to celebrate that. We appreciate unique style, operate on trust, and thrive on individuality. Together.

Our Core Values

Delivering efficient, scalable production and web development services and custom digital campaigns that help ambitious brands, agencies, and media companies make a real impact and achieve their goals.

We love

We strive for

We set standards for

We have the right

Three Countries, One Community.

Our name speaks for itself — bringing together the most skilled and passionate people from the US, Costa Rica, and Colombia to ensure a blend of diverse perspectives, distinct skill sets, and unparalleled creativity in every deliverable.

Making Work, Work For Us

Our collaboration across borders only serves as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and cross-functional training. This perpetual learning cycle nurtures the ongoing development of skills for every team member, taking the quality of services we provide to the next level. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries across industries and borders to drive extraordinary results.


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