A Continuous Pursuit of Excellence: Assemble’s Growing Repertoire of Certifications

Nothing quite identifies an expert like a certification. For many of our clients, this proof of knowledge is often an invaluable piece to choosing the right partner. Certifications show a next-level dedication to a particular skill set or tool — one that involves designated hours of education, practice, and testing to use it as advantageously as possible. And when it comes to the complex nuances and regulations in a space like Pharma, this couldn’t be more important for an effective production process.

At Assemble, we know the significance of staying up to date on our certifications. And we care about it just as much as our clients do. Our team’s constant thirst for learning and personal development is largely guided by the new certifications that help us sharpen our skill sets and continue to grow our capabilities to better deliver on their production needs.

But enough talking about our constant pursuit of relevant certifications — we’ll just show you instead. Check out the latest in the Assemble resume.

Veeva Certifications (Agency Level & 5 team members certified for each)

With a very robust and unique framework, Veeva offers certifications to give developers the understanding of how to create content for optimal performance on its platform. Each endorsement ensures that an individual is knowledgeable in how to monitor, maintain, configure, and design Veeva solutions to maximize its value in a designated role, while ensuring all resources are used properly throughout the process.

  • Veeva Content Partner – Multichannel (Agency level)
    This Agency level batch certifies an agency as an official member of the Veeva’s Content Partner Program. This membership grants agencies access to full support on technical matters, early access to features and technologies to be launched, and ensures the company has the proper expertise to execute projects related to all of its multi-channel platforms. At the Content Partner level, Assemble is able to assist with everything from CRM content creation to content review and approval in Veeva PromoMats.

  • Veeva Approved Emails – Business (5 team members certified)
    This certification guarantees a team member has the required knowledge and understanding of the Veeva Approved Emails process — from development to deployment from a generic business perspective. These interactive emails allow reps HCPs to engage with relevant fragments of data that reflect their specific needs, while using a specific Veeva workflow that approves all necessary content before delivery.

  • Veeva Approved Emails – Technical (5 team members certified)

    This certification guarantees an individual has the required knowledge and technical expertise of the Veeva Approved Emails process, to execute the development of Email Templates, create fragments, work with dynamic tokens to get data from the CRM, and display these personalized, interactive emails effectively and efficiently.

  • Veeva CLM – Business (5 team members certified)

    This certification guarantees the individual has the required knowledge and understanding of the Veeva CLM (closed loop marketing) presentations process — from development to deployment from a generic business perspective. Developers can create immersive AR content built on modern web technologies for reps to share in the form of interactive presentations.

  • Veeva CLM – Technical (5 team members certified)
    This certification guarantees the individual has the required knowledge and technical expertise of the Veeva CLM process, to execute the development of HTML5 presentations, with dynamic and interactive features, like journey customizations, and advanced tracking. Using actionable, real-time insights of any custom actions taken by an HCP, development teams can implement into highly tailored presentations moving forward.

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – Front End Development (4 team members certified)
    This batch recognizes an individual as having a high proficiency on Adobe Experience Manager to perform front-end development tasks, including websites and pages creation, content editing, components creation. AEM is a CMS that allows developers to set up a website, build page templates, create reusable components, and organize/edit all media assets — all on a simple UI. It offers a flexibility, scalability, and a level of privacy unmatched by other website hosts, while containing its own AI (Adobe Sensei) that learns and adapts to how authors use its features.

  • Creative Certification Exam by Google (5 team members certified)

    The Creative Certification exam covers rich media creative setup using Google Web Design and Creative to build HTML5 and dynamic creative assets and websites. It also assesses developers regarding the steps to preview, QA, and publish creatives to Campaign Manager, and effectively measure results. Certification validates a developer’s ability to navigate the platform seamlessly and create designs and campaigns that reflect a high level of creativity and skill.

  • FlashTalking Creative Development (1 team member certified)

    The Creative Development badge covers rich media creative setup using FlashTalking platform to build HTML5 and dynamic creatives.
    Flashtalking provides automation that helps siloed teams deliver more efficient production and distribution of creative. Assemble’s developers are able to use the platform’s ad studio to build several types of ads quickly, set up custom tracking, manage assets and creative versions, conduct QA processes, and more.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt (1 team member certified)

    A Six Sigma Green Belt is a professional who has a thorough understanding of the advanced elements of the Six Sigma Methodology — which focuses on maintaining next-level quality and consistency in product delivery. Green Belts lead improvement projects and also act as team members to be part of more complex improvement projects that are led by Black Belts. This certification has helped us develop enhanced problem-solving skills and understand how to apply statistical methods to improve our processes for our clients.

  • IQVIA OCE Certified Marketing Agency

    This agency level certification recognizes Assemble as an IQVIA trusted digital agency in developing presentations and different materials using the OCE ecosystem. By successfully accomplishing several technical assessments, our team has established capabilities across the Pharma sales and marketing lifecycle. This includes highly compliant and intelligent content management, engagement presentations, customized emails, and evidence-driven analytics designed to help create opportunities to advance healthcare.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these certifications or how they can complement your production goals, contact Assemble today. We are always on the hunt for the new technologies and tools that are shaping the production process to effectively drive work forward, so we can deliver the very best results for our clients.